OCR in Snapscan

Is there any reason why I should buy the Office version of DevonThink, if already bought a Snapscan S1300, that includes OCR and PDF generation? I don’t really like the idea of buying that OCR technology twice…


As long as you don’t need the web server, email archiving, ExactScan or the ScanSnap support (meaning that you have to scan & OCR & import on your own instead of simply pressing a button), it’s not necessary to buy the Office version. For more details, see
devon-technologies.com/produ … rison.html

Thanks. It appears that when the snapscan manager (that comes with the Snapscan) is running in the background, then if I scan a document, it will automatically OCR it and then save the PDF+Text to Devonthink Pro. I just wanted to make sure that there is nothing more that the Office version adds, as it relates to OCR. It appears not to add anything more. Thanks again.

I think the difference in OCR might be that DTP Office allows you to scan multiple documents & OCR them in the background, whereas using the ScanSnap OCR means you have to finish OCR’ing one document before you start scanning the next.

Thanks. One last question:

Is there a simple way to grab a screen shot (say a paused video frame) and automatically OCR it and import it into Devonthink. If the Pro version did that, it would certainly be worth it.

Otherwise, does anyone know of some good third party software for OSX that could work seamlessly with DT?

Good old OS X screen shots work. cmd-shift-4 (or whatever custom keystroke is configured) to capture a selection, or cmd-shift-4 + spacebar to select a window. Creates a PNG that DTPO OCRs pretty well. DTPO will complain that the resolution is too low, but if you’re snapping text it will OCR the text – maybe at a C- level, but successfully searchable.

Here’s what it did with this message as I composed it:

As I have just bought a Scansnap and face the same dilemma, I just wanted to check if anything had changed.

I look at the long long list of fixes and features that came up when 2.4 installed and cannt help but wonder if there are some other things DTO offers.

The only thing I might have wanted was to OCR any save image, but now I think about I am not too sure, and the web sharing seemed cool. But the money saved is a copy of Curio :slight_smile:

Also, where are things like release notes kept on the website please?


Just found the killer feature for me:
The OCR will work on screens captures.

I take a lot of these of music that I hear on the radio; now I have a chance of getting a copy of it.

Think I have fallen in love.

Oh, it looks like the image is shrunken in the pdf.