OCR in the background messes up resulting files in DTTG 3

Sending DTTG 3 to the background while running OCR on a multi-page PDF results in multiple corrupt files and an error message. Running OCR on the same PDF while DTTG 3 is open delivers an accessible PDF with a text layer as it should. The original file remains fine.


Due to your image obfuscation, it’s impossible to tell if the zero-byte files are related here.

In the DTTG3 settings/security, is locking set to immediately, and does changing this setting make a difference?

Sorry for that, the example happens to be a health care file and I neglected to elaborate: Every single listed file you see in the screenshot resulted from running OCR on the PDF which is marked as original, also the zero kB ones.

I do not use the lock function right now because I need access to the data from the Files App.

No worries!

So if you OCR a five page PDF but switched to another app while OCR is running, it would generate five zero-byte files?

No. The 6 files in the screenshot are the sole outcome of running OCR on a 17-page PDF. For this particular PDF I tried several times and it’s always six files. Not all of them are marked as zero kB but none of them is readable.