OCR Index Items not Showing up in Finder

I have a database that indexes a folder of journal articles. When I make changes to the metadata such as the title I can go in the folder via the Finder and see the changes to the title of the document that I made in DT.

But I just OCR’d several documents but then go to open them up via the Finder and they are not the OCR’d version but the original. I have also clicked “update indexed items”

Am I missing something or just misunderstanding how the indexing feature works.

Basically my goal is to:

Have a folder on my Mac that is indexed within DT. When I make changed in DT (i.e. OCR, highlights, etc.) I would like this to update the folder on my Mac. This way when I go to read a PDF on my iPad or something these changes are there.


By default OCRed items are stored in the database. You could use the contextual/action menu command “Move to external folder” afterwards or a script, see for example Updating indexed groups including deconsolidation