OCR-ing with indexed files: how do I ensure that original docs in finder are deleted after OCR

I’m just getting started with DevonThink and have been using the OCR feature. I want to be able to OCR my documents, have DevonThink delete the original, and then have that new OCR-ed filed put back into Finder and have the original non-OCR-ed file in finder deleted. Is this possible? In the settings, I selected the delete original PDF feature, but it seems that only works for DevonThink and not Finder.

Thank you!

Welcome @rodris10

If you have set Original document: Move to Trash enabled in Preferences > OCR, empty the database’s Trash and the extraneous file should be removed from the Finder.

Thanks so much, @BLUEFROG ! It worked just as you said. I appreciate the help and your warm introduction.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

But there is another problem which is, that the file that is kept in Finder now have the suffix ‘-1’, which is a problem if these pdfs also is indexed by Zotero (or any other reference manager). Any way around this?

Not at this time. Development would have to assess this.

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A smart rule using the action OCR > Apply and processing only PDF documents should retain the filename.

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This worked! Thank you!!