OCR main language

I use DT Pro Office to store all texts I usw for my dissertation in philosopy. The texts are in many different languages, mainly German, French and English. One need to be very carefully not to forget to set the correct language as the main language for the OCR process in the preferences to keep the special caracters (especially when using German and French).
It would be very good to have the possibility to change the main language quite fast - not always open “preferences”…
I like DT Pro Office so much. This is the only thing that interrupts my easy workflow a little.

Thank you for your attention and your great support.

You can add a list of languages and they will all be used equally. The main and secondary languages are just a hint.

Thank you very much for your answer. Indeed, it seems to make no different in the current version of DT 2.0. With German as primary language and French as secundary language the OCR process delivered perfect results for a French text (with all the special caracters…).
The DT help says: “Always select as primary language the one you need to use with special characters. For example, if you need to run OCR on English, Dutch and Hungarian documents, choose Hungarian as your primary language. This will preserve the special characters. If you set Hungarian as a secondary language, these may not be preserved but instead be converted to standard ASCII.”
With that in mind I have been always very carefully with changing the language when importing a text… And I really was confronted with quite bad results sometimes in DT 1.5, but I am now no more sure if these results were more effected by the old OCR-engine or by the wrong primary language.

Thank you very much again. The improvements of DT 2.0 are a real pleassure!

These were part of the (many) limitations of the IRIS engine. I will ask Eric to update the documentation.