OCR on pdf documents (and others...)

New to DTPro Office, so, maybe a basic question:

I import emails from Outlook into DTPO, and most of these emails have documents attached. (mainly pdf, but also docx, xls, jpeg, dwg,…)

I need to un-attach these documents for classification, and I would like to have OCR on these attachments.

How can I achieve that ?


Click on the Alternative Text button in the navigation bar above the document display pane, to switch to a rich text view of the message. In this view you can open attachments under their parent application, and/or add the attachment to a database.

OCR would be needed only for image-only (non searchable) PDFs.

Thanks Bill.
But, if I have a “pdf only” document in DTPO and I want to transform it in a “pdf + text” document, what is the easy way to do ?

At the moment, I export the “pdf” on the desktop and import “pdf+text” back with OCR…
It’s a little time consuming…

Select the document(s) (multiple selections are permitted). Use Data > Convert > to Searchable PDF, or control-click and select the same command from the contextual menu.

Great !
Thanks !