OCR on pdf


in times before DTPO I’ve scanned several documents via my ScanSnap. The docs are now searchable pdf but in DTPO they are handled as “pdf”. When doing a search for a certain key word DTPO finds the document but it doesn’t open automatically the page with the key word. This feature only works with “pdf + text” files.
My question now is, how do I get the pdfs into “pdf + text” - files. The files are not processed when I click on the OCR button. Also nothing happens with right click → convert → convert into searchable pdfs.
Anyone with a solution for this?


Just found myself a way how to get it done. I’ve just opened the pdf and imported it again via the printing dialogue.

This way you get newly created file into DTPO which is “pdf + text”. That’s the good point. The disadvantage is that you have a new file and previous references to your original file are not available anymore.

Which “previous references” are you meaning?