OCR Option

Newbie Question:
Is there a way to option off ocr when scanning? I’m using a snapscan with office beta and there are some docs that I just don’t need to ocr.

Jim Ameika

Sure. In ScanSnap Manager, just change the application to which the PDF will be sent to another application, e.g. Preview.

Thanks for your response Bill. It sure would be nice to scan direct to Office and option off ocr from within the app. Also the ability to combine pdf’s and rename the resultant combo would really add functionality without going to a work around app.


You can, there is an example workflow in the Extras folder of the distribution image that does that. You could throw this in the Script menu of our application (see the online help how to do this) and you don’t have to leave our application.

Thanks for the advice. Once I got into it with automator I got hooked. I stayed up late last night and I got a very basic workflow worked out that will combine my pdf’s, rename them and add a suffix. I’ve got it currently in the scripts menu and as a finder plugin, contextual menu item. How do I add it to the Office contextual menu?

Jim Ameika
Jonesboro, AR USA

You can’t add it to the contextual menu. However, there is a way to make a keyboard shortcut for it that could help you. It is also described in the online help (check the scripts chapter).