OCR Reduce DPI not possible. Bug?

Hello Devonthink Team,
since a year I have been trying to move my paperless office PDF workflow to Devonthink (Unfortunately I have very little time and can currently only invest 1-2 hours /week). Meanwhile i’m a bit desperate, because I run into problems I can’t explain. Today’s example:

I am using Devontink pro 3.5.2 and it’s not possible to save the reduced DPI of the OCR conversion.
What i am doing wrong? Do i miss a save button?


I repro de issue. Seems last DT version does not save that value.

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I think, this is not a bug. You can choose dpi between 150 an 300. Then the value will be saved.

The dpi is currently limited to values between 150 and 300 dpi. The dpi that is chosen will be used when converting each page of a PDF to an image, and that image is used by the OCR for text recognition. Choosing a low value such as 75 would result in text recognition of the OCR to be very poor.

Why do you want to use a low dpi?

Thank you for this explanation. I think it would be great if OCR would first scan the image with the best quality and save it in display quality (72 DPI) after recognition. As soon as OCR is finished, it is not so important to me that the actual image is in good quality.

The ABBYY OCR doesn’t have an option for that. A different option would be to use OCR-> to Comment option, this would leave the original PDF unchanged and add the OCR text to “Finders Comments” in the “Annotations & Reminders” section of the inspector.

Screen Capture 7 Sep 2020 at 11.17.05

The document would still be searchable using this method.

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