OCR text overlay


After importing a PDF and performing the OCR function is it possible to view the text overlay to see what has been read?
I have some poor quality scans as pdfs and would like to see how well the OCR performs on them.


One possibility is to convert the document to plain text, see menu Data > Convert.

Thank you, that worked and proved they were unreadable. At least now I know. :confused:


And the million dollar question: How can I remove the OCR layer from a DevonThink-produced PDF? I’d be extremely grateful for an answer—I don’t have an Adobe Acrobat license and, as I understand, the answer is highly dependent on the particular OCR application used. Perhaps DevonThink could release a utility (or request that Abbyy do so) to achieve this? Thanks.

Why do you want to remove the OCR layer?

A very large number of my scanned PDFs contain incorrectly recognized, garbled text that contaminate my DevonThink index. So I’d like to take the least legible of these PDFs and revert them to a pre-OCR state, then take the better legible ones and reprocess them at higher DPI or with the “Prizmo” app (which allows on-the-fly corrections of the recognized text).