OCR without compression

Using DT3 Pro, is it possible to run OCR on an PDF document without compressing it at the same time? I’ve unchecked Compress PDF under Preferences > OCR, but that doesn’t change this behaviour and seems just to change behaviour when scanning within DT3.

Welcome @Ruth

Why are you asserting unchecking the Compress PDF option is doing nothing?


I am sending scans to DT3 Pro from the MacOS app PDFScanner. Although the latter has OCR functionality, I prefer not to use it as DT3 OCR is more accurate. Then I right click on the PDF in my DT3 inbox and select OCR to searchable PDF. I then see 2 files - one is the imported PDF Document and other a PDF+text. The latter file tends to be a third of the size of the former, is slightly fuzzier and the black/grey is lighter. Unchecking Compress PDF in the OCR preferences does not change anything. Hope this is clear.

I have a similar situation here. I want DEVONthink to just add the OCR text to the PDF, not have the text or images be changed in any way, as the original scan is already high quality. Even when setting the DPI to 300 in DEVONthink and deselecting „compress PDF“, the text ends up looking slightly fuzzy and less readable on high DPI devices like the iPad.