I have DT pro, but not Office. I don’t need the scanning option very much, since all journals etc are available online through university, but many of the older volumes are scanned without automatic character reecognition.

I seem to have read about DT Office that it can help in re-scanning old PDF’s and add character recognition. Is this correct and if so, does this work well?

And finally, what scripts are supported?

I am interested in the email archiving too, although I fear that DT pro won’t be a match for PowerMail’s search customizing abilities. Any experiences out there?

This is the primary reason I upgraded to Office, and it works fantastically. I find a lot of older PDFs have no text layer in them, and Office has done a nice job.

With Office, you can right click on any PDF in your database, and do “Convert -> To Searchable PDF”

I don’t even own a scanner, and don’t use the extra email capabilities, but the OCR capabilities were completely worth the extra money.

Thanks for the positive reply. Did the quality of the PDFmatter, or was it pretty robust?

It’s been very robust. A lot of the PDFs I’ve done originally came from scans, so quite often the text is tilted at a bad angle. And those have come out quite nicely, I haven’t noticed any problems.

I recommend just downloading the trial and giving it a go with some of your bad PDFs, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I certainly was.

Jay P.

thanks for the advice, I tried and was astounded. Purchased Office immediately.