OCR'ing book scans

I tried OCR’ing a scan from a book for a university course. The OCR was able to accurately scan the text, but the text remains in a landscape two-column format. When you try to highlight text in the left column, it also highlights the text in the right column as if the divider, or the spine of the book, doesn’t exist. Is there a way to separate these columns or OCR it in such a way that it can produce a single column of text?

Option+click and you can select a column/box/whatever of text.

@kalisphoenix: Now that’s a great tip that I’ve pasted into my floating “tips” folder in DTPO.

I was going to mention my method (opening in Preview and cropping each half) but your method is so much easier!



Wow, the best tip ever!

I can’t tell you how much work you’ve saved me as I was going to split apart a couple thousand multi-column PDFs that I have…

Thanks again, Charles

Thank God for that tip! Put it on the Devontech Blog!!

Fantastic! Thank you very much.