Odd .pdf display bug

I just encountered a rather odd bug displaying a pdf file in DTPro Office. The internal view of the file drops many characters from the abstract of the paper, while Preview shows everything just fine. I’ve attached a screen shot (warning: 2267 pixels wide, so the inline view shows only the left half!) showing all of the above. I can also send the original pdf if needed.

And, just to be a bit more confusing, the page shown displayed just fine when first viewed in DT. I scrolled down a few pages, then returned to the top. That’s when the bogus display began.


Not sure whether the screenshot is designed to show the incorrect or the correct version. As far as I can see from a quick visual scan, it shows the correct version - no characters dropped.

That screenshot is very wide; only the left-hand 1/3rd shows in the standard board view. To see the whole thing, download and open. What you see on here on the web-board is the correct display from Preview. The broken display from DT is off to the right—hidden from view here unless you download.

OK, I see now. Is the main body text unaffected by this bug (as it appears to be)? If it is, is there any reason why the title matter and the abstract should be any different from the rest? Did you OCR this document?

That’s indeed a weird bug, especially as DEVONthink uses Mac OS X’s PDFKit/Quartz frameworks to display PDF documents. Could you please send the orginal document to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com so that I could try to reproduce this over here? Thanks in advance!

Original .pdf file sent by email.