Odd replicant behaviour

Is the following behaviour expected? I am using DTPO 2.7.5. I have a Group that contains a number of subgroups and I replicate the Group. This creates a second instance of the Group and all its subgroups. I have the preference checked to mark replicants in colour, and the Group duly turns red in both instances, but all the subgroups remain black in colour. The info panel for the Group tells me that it has 1 replicant, but the info panel for the subgroups says they have 0 replicants. Yet if I delete one of the subgroups it disappears from both instances, so is clearly recognised by DTPO to be a replicant. Is there a reason why the subgroups are not coloured red and why the info panel does not say the subgroups are replicants?

Yes, DEVONthink has “always” not marked child groups and/or child documents or replicated groups as replicants. Perhaps because the real replicant is the parent and all of the instances merely inherit the parent’s properties and behaviors? I don’t know. This behavior has always bothered me when I manage what is inside the Sync group – I am very careful when I remove a child group or document from Sync because it is not obvious if I am working with a replicant or not.

Just to add to what korm said-It is expected-only the top level, (replicated) group is the replicant. All sub-groups and all documents contained under the top level replicated group just mirror the contents of the original, replicated group (see below).

Wouldn’t you expect this to behave differently if the subgroups were actual replicants? If I replicate groups and/or documents in a database and then later delete an instance of the replicant, I don’t expect that the item(s) will disappear from both instances.

OK, many thanks, I understand that now. This actually cropped up because I found that DTTG was not syncing a sub-group within a replicant in Mobile Sync, and I thought the above might have been an explanation, but clearly it is a different issue.

Not-syncing a subgroup might be an issue with a locked file or group.

Thanks - all files and groups are unlocked. I have finally got it to sync with DTTG. It seems to have something to do with attempting to sync while replicants of the groups to be synced are in the Trash as well as in Mobile Sync. I cleared the Trash and all is well.

Syncing under the current version of DTTG can be a challenge to one’s patience. Holding my breath until v. 2.0 is released.