Odd side effect of dollar sign in markdown files

I’m seeing something odd in markdown documents in Devonthink 3.8.7.

Whether or not Mathjax support is enabled, the appearance of a dollar sign causes future wikilinks in a document to not be links in the preview mode.

In editing mode, the link will flip back and forth between being a link and being plain text in double square brackets.

For instance, [[the stock exchange]] anywhere after a dollar sign, whether or not the dollar sign is backslash escaped, may appear as plain text. If I put the cursor on the end of the line and hit enter, it will become a clickable link - except that when I use the back arrow to come back to this document, it’s once again [[plain text]].

Taking the dollar signs out and adding a carriage return restores the link to an actual link, and without the dollar sign somewhere in the preceding text it remains a link.

Mathjax is working fine.

The source of the document would be useful but if only the rendering is affected, then it’s a MultiMarkdown feature or bug.

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Ticket assigned to you with example files.

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