Offline Bookkeeping Software, a request for recommendations from DT Users

Hi folks,
This is more a query to DT users, than specifically about DT. Does anyone have recommendations for fully offline Mac-based accounting/bookkeeping software. I notice most of the market has gone to direct integrations with bank accounts. My two requirements are software that is installed locally, has an option for no online backup, and allows import from csv easily.

So far, the only option I’ve discovered is hledger, . From the cursory look I’ve given it, I think that is something I’d be able to use, and it seems to meet the two requirements. Because it seems like there are infinite ads for the online only or online sync options I’ve noticed that searching has gotten me nowhere. I did see a few posts in the forum about importing statements and sorting what bills are paid and not inside DT. So, this is a general ask to this community on the topic. I’m asking here, because the desire to avoid online only seems something others here might share.

Thanks in advance.

Not clear what accounting/bookkeeping features you need
I use spreadsheets (Apple Numbers) for budget/expense reports
The spreadsheet files are stored in Devonthink, and are included with my data backups

Raw data is maintained as Devonthink records
for example, scanned expense receipts
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I use Applescript for automated workflows like importing from my Devonthink data, or .csv files

integrations with bank accounts

I download transaction .csv files from my bank


I use moneydance. It is not free but allows CSV importing.

I’m using MonkeyOffice, which is geared towards European (or rather German and Austrian) requirements.

Tiller - your own spreadsheets, with excellent bank integration. Just switched and have been pleasantly surprised.

I also use Moneydance. Works well with a few idiosyncrasies.

Have you looked at GnuCash?

The help docs section 6.16.5 is on Importing CSVs: View document | GnuCash