Offline machine link: how do I locate it?

In one of my databases, I apparently have a link to another Mac that is frequently offline. When I open this database, I see 2-3 of these messages

I have no idea where this is being referenced; I would like to fix it as the messages are annoying. I have tried searching in the database for

  • imac.local,
  • pauls-imac,
  • imac NEAR local
    and a number of other combinations. I have even attempted to brute force it with
    find ~/Documents/Devonthink -type f -print0|xargs -0 grep pauls
    from the command line. No luck finding the offender. Are there any suggestions for find this pesky link?

Did you e.g. index files/folders located on this server volume? Or does it contain sync stores or databases? You might also check the File > Recent Databases menu.

I’m trying to create a Smart Group to narrow down the possible culprits. I have the condition “Item is Indexed”, but how can I access the path to the item?

Add the Path column and sort by it.

There is a Path column you can enable.

Yeah… what @pete31 just said :slight_smile:

Great suggestion, but no smoking gun. They all point to local files beginning with ~

I have finally discovered the problem; it has nothing to do with DT directly. I run Trickster to keep track of recent files and there was a watched folder to my other Mac. I’m not sure how it got there; I most likely copied the config file to my laptop. I do have the DT → Trickster integration enabled.

Whenever DT tried to inform Trickster that I was looking at a file, Trickster woke up and attempted to access the missing network share. I have updated the Trickster watched folder to be the local folder, and no more problems with DT!

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

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Thanks for the follow-up and diligence. That’s certainly not a direction I would have gone in assessing the issue :thinking: :slight_smile:

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