Offline reading of webarchive on iPad

When I save a Safari web page on my iPad to DT Office Pro, the web archive is synced to the database on my Mac.
However, if I switch to airplane mode, I can not access the web archive on the iPad. How can I save the web archive for offline reading? There is not a clip to pdf as a workaround as well.

We are looking into this issue now. Thanks for the report!

You could use PDF Converter on the iPad.

I do a lot of research using web sources and use the the following workflow:

Access a web page in Safari. Open in PDF Converter, and generate a PDF. Since I want to save the article on Dropbox, I send it from PDF Converter to PDF Expert, in my opinion the best of the PDF managers, from which I send the file to Dropbox. PDF Expert supports defining a “home” folder in DP which stores all my research in nested folders off the home folder. In the future I can annotate the file in PDFE which automatically saves it back to DB.

That home folder is also indexed by DTPO on my desktop.

If you really need a web archive create one as well as you usually do.

Indeed, I am using pdf converter now. There is another workaround through the iOS printer dialog. However, urls are converted into flat text with these approaches. That is a big disadvantage vs a webarchive.
Thanks for helping out

Version 2.1.2 (available soon) will fix this issue.