Oh my god, is that really happening?!

Let’s wait and see what’s happening!!


Right?! Hoping this is version 3!


Not yet - just another step forward but soon… :slight_smile:


The feel of that graphic is interesting. Congrats on the progress!

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The new website is great (a bit too much text perhaps). I am wondering why you did not wait with the website until the DT 3 release… any special reason for the step-by-step release? I am just curious … compliments for your great product and very appreciating new website

When can we expect DT3? Would be great to refresh it the way you did it with your website. And is there any list of new features we can expect in the next release?

One explanation could be that doing it all at once might be a bit much for a company not of Apple’s size :wink:


Well, as soon as we have something to say you’ll be among the first to know :wink:


Love the new web site and logo. Very nice re-branding. Next?

Nice job!! You are making all of us now nervous and excited for the things to come!!!

The new website is great! Very good job. Now I am looking forward even more to DT3. :grin:

Great looking website. Looking forward to the next step!

A bit of tiny/subjective feedback: the subtitles’ Title Case formatting on the homepage is a bit inconsistent with everything else, and doesn’t look super sleek with the most frequent phrase (“We’ve Got an App for That”). I think sentence case is probably cleaner for these statements, as with the others on the homepage.

🤷‍♂ I’ll do anything to avoid studying I guess

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Thank you. Good idea.

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Geez, how did slaw get to the front of the line???

Just like you all here :slightly_smiling_face:

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