Ok, DTP is making me feel stupid

I have done two installations of DTP and no matter where I look I don’t see the way to import my emails into my database…I’ve looked in the scripts menus and the services…no luck…so maybe I made a mistake installing something? I’ve followed the tutorial directions and searched in the forum but nothing has resolved the issue…what am I supposed to do?

thanks :blush:

edit: both are intel macs

The scripts (at least the ones for Apple’s Mail application) work on my MacBook Pro.

The scripts for transferring emails to your DT Pro database should have been installed when you installed the current version of DT Pro. To make certain of this, in DT Pro select Help > Install Add-ons and confirm that you wish to install them.

The scripts will become available in the Global scripts menu when you bring your email application to the front. Select the Scripts menu. You should see one or more relevant scripts under the grayed out name of your email application. The script(s) will be either near the top or the bottom of the list of available scripts (depending on settings in AppleScript Utilities).

Assume you are using Apple’s Mail.app. Make it the frontmost application. Select one or more messages that you wish to transfer to your DT Pro database.

Now click on the Scripts menu item. You should see “Mail Scripts” printed in light text, either at the top or bottom of the list. Select the script named “Add Message(s) to DEVONthink” and the transfer will commence. A plain text copy of the message(s) will now be in your database. For Mail (but not for all email applications) there is a second script that will let you transfer the contents of one or more mailbox(es) to your database.

Note: Only unflagged messages will be transferred. Flagged messages will be ignored, and transferred messages will be flagged. Next time the script is run, it will ignore the newly flagged messages as well, and transfer and flag the new messages in the mailbox.

yes, I’m using Mail…the scripts menu has a bunch of scripts but no Add to Devon script…I’ve uninstalled it again, reinstalled and it asked me if I wanted to install add-ons…I said yes and still nothing…am I cursed? :open_mouth:

Look in ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Mail/

You should see two scripts: “Add Message(s) to DEVONthink” and “Add Mailbox(es) to DEVONthink”.

Are they there? If so, try a restart. Then launch Mail and check the Scripts menu items. (Do NOT look under DEVONthink Pro – that’s not where they are.)

If not, send an email to Support.

they’re not there…so what do I do?

I had the same problem. I opened Utilitaire AppleScript in my Applications folder (how is it named on a US system? AppleScript Utility?), checked the appropriate checkbox (then again, I don’t know its name on a non-French system), quit Mail.app, relaunched and tada 8)

and that box would be?

If the Mail scripts are not in ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/ then send an email to Support requesting copies of the scripts. You can then place the Mail folder into the /Applications/folder in your Home Library.

If those scripts are present at the above location but do not show up in the global Scripts menu, here’s what to do:

[1] In the Applications folder, select AppleScripts and launch AppleScript Utility.app.

[2] Check “Show Script Menu in menu bar” (if unchecked) and “Show Library scripts”. You can also choose whether to show an application’s scripts at the top or bottom of the list.

Those settings are supposed to be the default, but sometimes an Apple OS update can mess them up.