Old icon persisting

I still have the old DTTG icon on iOS in the Share sheet for some of my apps… one of the is Scanner Pro. I think there is a hidden icon somewhere in iCloud Drive that I cannot find. This is on iPhone and iPad, but I also found it in iCloud Storage/Manage on my Mac. Any ideas on how to change/update this?

[edit] Upon further inspection, I just realized the Scanner Pro share menu is not the actual iOS share sheet, so for that app the developer may have hard coded the icon. I will ask them. But it still doesn’t explain the icon in iCloud Storage on the Mac.

Is DEVONthink To 2.x still installed on some of your devices?

No it is not.

Was it installed previously?

Yes. Anyway, this bothered me more when I thought it was happening in the iOS share sheet, and since Scanner Pro uses their own intermediary share sheet, I am almost certain they just need to change the icon in their app.

The iCloud Storage icon… who knows? There is only one and I am actively using DTTG 3 on my devices.

Correct; I pointed that out to Readdle in August last year, and they gave feedback that the change was added to their “wish list”.