Older Fujitsu Scanners & Catalina

Although the upgrade to OS Catalina broke the ability to use many older Fujitsu scanners, I was loathe to upgrade and throw away my much used and dinky SnapScan 500M. Just as well ! Fujitsu have released v7 “MacManagerV70L20WW.dmg” and an undocumented feature is that it supports some old scanners including the 500M. Although the official list of supported scanners is short, (iX15001, iX500, S1300i, iX100, S1100i, SV600, S150023, S1500M23, S13002*3, S1100) just because your scanner is not on this list, does not mean that it will not work. My 500M is at least 10 yr old ! Complete functionality has been restored now including scanning directly into Devonthink 3. Give it a go !


I second this. I revived my trusted S300M, which I had bought in 2009, and it’s still working perfectly with the latest software.

Long life to old SnapScan scanners! The ROI has been amazing! :smile::pray:t2::muscle:t2: