Older ScanSnap S1500 will Vuescan integrate with Devonthink Pro 3? MacOS Catalina

If I have Vuescan installed in MacOS Catalina - will clicking on the ScanSnap button in Devonthink Pro 3 work as it did with the old ScanSnap Manager software? In other words - will it be integrated into Devonthink Pro 3 menu bar? Or do we have to find a strange work-around?

My understanding is “no, it won’t integrate”, but I can’t test that.

May I ask why simply pressing the scan button on the scanner is not a suitable solution for you? (I’m not trying to be clever, just honestly asking.) With Vuescan set up to send to DT3 the scan would arrive in the inbox - again, that is my understanding anyway.

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I just abandoned ScanSnap for a new Brother ADS-1700WS. Pressing the scan button to save into DEVONthink’s Inbox Folder works perfectly fine. I have a few automated Rules to do things with incoming files.

I can’t help you with the Scansnap either, but scanning to a folder and setting up folder action scripts might work for you. The setup is explained in the manual.

@BLUEFROG also posted a smartrule previously to import and OCR the contents of an indexed folder you scan to with the scanner.

Furthermore the release notes of DT3.0.4 state:

Starting with version 3.0.4, the Pro edition recognizes scans made with the Brother iPrint & Scan

And lastly you might consider setting up a NAS to scan with the Brother, as I understand it has network capabilities.

All too complicated. Why send to NAS when I can send to computer I’m working on? And the Brother software already does an OCR. I don’t see any connection in 3.0.4 to Brother, but someday I’ll look. Brother makes scans into PDF and JPEG (and others) and those file types are no problem in DEVONthink. I’m happy with the new Brother scanner, have no problem using it with my two macs. I do hope that when I move to Catalina the Brother still works. Advertised to be ok.

Thank you for all the replies! I’m going to try those suggestions. I’m probably being fussy - but I really liked the way the Fujitsu ScanSnap integrated so well with DevonThink. It’s unfortunate that Fujitsu
won’t upgrade the drivers for the older scanners - especially considering how long these scanners last. Why, if VueScan can have a driver for older scanners why can’t Fujitsu? Do we really want to buy a new scanner? Why buy a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner for its longevity when the software/driver is no longer kept up to date, making the scanner obsolete. Maybe it’s time to try an Epson or a Brother scanner.


I am a Scansnap S1500M user which is no longer officially supported by Fujitsu. But if you install their new scanning software, it works with the older scanners! I wasted my money on Exactscan Pro which is the closest functional app until I found the suggestion to update the Fujitsu software!

Greetings whodiini. I too have an older S1500M ScanSnap and am trying to get it to work with DEVONthink. I purchased VueScan Pro to allow me to continue using the scanner but find it not as intuitive as the ScanSnap manager I’m using to. You stated that installing the new scanning software will work on the older ScanSnap, which software version did you use? Thanks ~ Jack

fujitsu has updated their older software to work on the new 64 bit Apple OS. check their website.

In followup, see Software Applications That Can Be Used with the ScanSnap

Perhaps Scansnap Manager will help you. I use it.