In DT pro and Omnifocus on a Mac I can link files between those apps together. And those links are working in DTTG and Omnifocus for Ipad. Would it be possible to create a link between a file in DTTG and a task in OF for Ipad in my iPad?
It seems, there is now way to get a link of a file in DTTG now…
In OF for iPad it is working… When I click on a task, I click “copy”, and in clipboard is a link to this task.

Thank You

I can’t promise anything, but we will take this under consideration.

Then I’d like to +1 this…since I use DT+OF together a lot, and would like to be able to “copy item link” from DTTG as well.

I would also be interested in this. OF and DTTG are the are the two reasons I bought an iPad. I use them together on my Mac constantly. It would be extremely useful to be able to link back to DTTG files.


I’d be interested in this as well. I’m not sure this is really needed for the iphone but it is something of a must for the iPad. I find that I’m increasingly using the iPad for business — when I can get away with not using a full OS machine.

At this moment I use only a iPhone on the go, and I think it would be great to give the iPhone a little bit more power in Stand-Alone-Usabillity.
The iPhone is just a little iPad, and I am always happy with it.

+1 to iPhone support. I don’t have an iPad yet :unamused: and iPhone is the tool while on the road.