OmniOutliner Export Options

I’m a big fan of both DTP and OmniOutliner Pro. I like being able to analyze my data in DTP and then send it to OO3 to fine tune and write it up.

However – I’ve run into a big snag. When DTP exports to OO3, the file names become rows in my outline while the text in those files become “notes” to those rows. With my data locked in OO3’s “notes” rather than rows, it becomes virtually impossible to move around and “play” with my data like I expect to in OO3. How can I tell DTP to export the data inside my individual files rather than the file names to OO3? Is there a setting that I’m missing? Has someone solved this with a script?

Also, it seems that DTP exports all rich text to plain text when exporting to OO3. Can this be changed?

Many thanks.

The OmniOutliner export isn’t customizable yet as its main job is not to exchange data with OmniOutliner but with OmniGraffle. But we might improve this in a future release depending on feedback/requests.

in that case i will not withhold my feedback. i use omnioutliner very often and really would like to have both apps linked in a more comfortable way.

I also use both programs extensively, OmniOutliner Pro and DEVONthink Pro. I have consistently requested/encouraged better interoperability development from DEVONtechnologies with regard to OmniOutliner 3.

The Omni Group is expanding their offerings with OmniPlan and OmniFocus. I am not familair with the underlying code/structure, but they seem to have similar underpinnings to OmniOutliner. If DEVONtechnologies were to make some real progress in improving functionality with OmniOutliner 3, it would not only cause many DEVONthink users to cheer and rejoice, but would also better equip/enable our upcoming workflows as we utilize these new Omni Group apps.

DTP is incredible and indispensible to many of us who rely on it. Let’s remove this continuing bump, this hiccup, that we continually encounter.

(I am also a dedicated DEVONagent and DEVONnote user).

Speaking as a developer, it would be great if companies who create an XML specification for their document format also create an XSLT transform to make a sane HTML representation of that document. That way third parties can easily access and display the information the company thinks is most important.
You may want to contact the Omni group as a user of their software with this request. If both users and third parties approach them, it may help everybody in the long run (this is also valid for Mellel, another oft requested topic).