OmniOutliner files?

Hi, I’ve got a bunch of OmniOutliner files in my DT database, which I’ve synced to my iPhone. When I try to view the file, it says “This document cannot be displayed.” Thinking it’s because I don’t have OmniOutliner on my phone, I bought it… only to find that nothing changed. There’s also no “open in (or copy to) OmniOutliner” option with the file.

Am I out of luck (and $30)? Does DTTG not have any way to preview OO files, and do the send-file-between-apps thing?

Previewing OmniOutliner files is currently not possible mainly because their file format requires a proprietary renderer. And there’s no Quick Look on iOS like there’s on OS X. We will need to investigate why you cannot send OmniOutliner files to OmniOutliner for viewing, though.

I can send oo3 files to OmniOutliner on my iPads from DEVONthink to Go. No problem at all. Make sure the files have the oo3 extension. I used OmniOutliner with DTTG2 regularly.

If you want to view the contents of an oo3 file – open it in OmniOutliner and export it back to DTTG2 as a .csv file. It will display as a sheet.

Hrm like Editorial, the “Copy to OmniOutliner” just started showing up today. I wonder if I had too many potential “Copy to…” targets installed and so it wasn’t being listed. It definitely does work!

Whoa, doing this replaced the original oo3 file with a sheet! Dangerous!

Too bad about the iOS rendering.

Yikes! I reported a similar issue a while back to Eric – sending a WebArchive to a PDF program (like PDF Export) to have it rendered as a PDF, and then sending it back to DTTG2 caused the original WebArchive to vanish. The file is not even in the trash (as it would be in DEVONthink on the Mac). DTTG2 shouldn’t make irreversible decisions about files that went through a round trip elsewhere on the iPad just to change formats.


I was looking into mix and match usage of omni files between DT and OmniOutliner.
Main goal is to:

  • have OO files within DT
  • have them usable and sync with iOS (iPad for now)

I had hoped that on the iPad I would be able to sync using DTTG and from within DTTG open up the sync’ed file to OO, do my edits, then save back to DTTG, and again resent to DT on the desktop.
Doesn’t seem to work however.

For me it seems the most reliable sync of Omni files seems to be OmniPresence sync.
Problem is that this puts my OO files outside of DT…
I have tried using symbolic links within the OmniPresence sync folder to the DT folder where the OO file resides.
Also the other way round, the symlink in the DTPO file location.

Unfortunately it does not work.

Does anybody have a workaround?

Index your OmniPresence folders in DEVONthink.

Indeed, so first index to DT, then move to appropriate location within DT…

I understand the indexing part, but the second part of your sentence - what are you moving and what do you mean by “appropriate location.”

Are you moving from an indexed group to an internal location in DT? Why?

It is not uncommon to moved indexed files to other locations in a database, DEVONthink records the source of the file by its path in the file system. But I prefer not do this to because it can get confusing and difficult to trace what is going. I prefer to index a group and then replicate the indexed files to other groups.

I have no idea what an “appropriate location” is. I hope all my my databases are appropriate :laughing:

Okay, I see it now. I rarely move an indexed file to an internal location, but I do have one database where there’s one index folder and I then organize files using this method. In fact, I’ll have to consider this strategy since I do use Omni sync.

I understand your confusion;

The appropriate location is relevant to my situation :slight_smile:
I started out from wanting to sync ‘already present OO files’ in DT.
As I tried to do the sync to DTTG on my iPad, and as this did not allow me to go from DTTG to OO_iPad, I was looking for another way to keep my OO files workable both on OS X and iOS.
Hence OmniPresence.

But then my already existing files in DT would not be in sync.
That’s why I was playing around with this.

Moving all OO files to OmniPresence broke my DT setup previously containing the files.
So in order to restore that situation I followed Korm’s righteous advice to index them
But then I needed to still move them back to their ‘old’ and 'original position.

Korm’s advice to index to a group and then replicate to other groups is even better!

I hope DTTG and OO for iOS file exchange will improve with future upgrades :wink:

DTTG and any file exchange doesn’t really work for me. I’ve done enough testing to know not to trust it.

But that’s good to know about OmniSync and OO files.