OmniOutliner problems

I’m having trouble using DTPro with OmniOutliner. contrary to what it says in the manual, DT won’t recognise OO files and so won’t import them. If you export to OO, the resulting file is not recognised as an OO file by the macOS but double-clicking it opens it in OmniGraffle.

I’m using 10.4.7, OO v3.6, DTPro 1.1.1.

Any ideas why it doesn’t work as advertised?


Currently DT Pro is only able to import OO 2 files.

For “important” OO3 files – those whose text you would like to capture in DT Pro for searching and analysis – you can “print” them as PDF to your database.

Select File > Print while the OO3 file is viewed in OO3. When the Print panel appears, click on the PDF button and choose “Save to DEVONthink Pro.scpt”. You will be asked to select the group in which the new file will be located in your database.

The PDF will, of course, look just like a printout of your OO3 document, and the text is searchable and analyzable by DT Pro.

This is a good thing mrkwr opened a thread about this topic because I have a problem with importing a PDF file from TAO. I followed the standard procedure. When I open in Devonthink Pro my TAO document I’m so proud of, I realise that its left part is slightly cut :frowning:
Any suggestions, ideas?

Usually, the PDF “print” is very similar to a paper printout. Try adjusting your page size in Page Setup – or perhaps a switch from Portrait to Landscape?

Actually there’s a bug in TAO. Quote from an email I received:

Excellent support from the developer as usual :wink:

Bill, thanks for this, this covers my main concerns fine.