On demand download doesn't download files

I have a database setup to download on demand via Dropbox.
I navigate to one of the items (PDF; 714kb) and when selecting it, the right handside panel shows a thumbnail plus PDF and a link that says “Download”.

I press it. nothing happens. I am connected via WIFI but the internet activity indicator that appears next to the WIFI icon is not showing up.

DTTG 2.0.4 (15986)

This has happened to me many times in the past while using WebDav (not DropBox). Unfortunately, no errors seem to display on the “cloud” icon on the screen. Sometimes, I think it occurs because the application is syncing in the background. However that does not explain it fully.

I think it would be useful if there was some additional logging built in when a user attempts to download a document on demand.

Logging and feedback. Clicking on something should always result in something I reckon.

How do you normally get around it?

I have this problem frequently. I am syncing using Dropbox and on updated versions of DTTG and iPadOS. DTTG finds a file, shows a thumbnail and says “PDF document” with “Download (144kb)” beneath it. Then I can’t do anything to get the file to download.

I’m at a point now that DTTG is so unreliable I am thinking seriously about dropping DT and moving back to doing my best with tags and iCloud search.

@davidmgoodman I still encounter it unfortunately. I also don’t have enough space on my ipad to download the entire database. Don’t even know what to do about this.

Have you done a File > Verify & Repair on your database to see if you have missing files?

Also, if Dropbox’s servers are slow or unresponsive, DEVONthink To Go will not be able to download data from it. That would be beyond our control.