On demand download -- how

I’ve set up a new database that I’m syncing between my Mac and my iPhone. I now want to turn on “download on demand” (I’m going to fill up this database with a lot of stuff) … but I can’t figure out how.

The premium feature is active. I go to the database and select the info button, the download option is “always” but I can’t select “on demand”.

What am I missing?

You have to set the Download Files option for the Sync location to On Demand. If it’s set to Always, you cannot set a database or group to On Demand, as that would be logically contrary.

Where do I find that option? (if go to the sync location options I can’t see any such option)

(yep, I find the options a bit difficult to understand/find)

Settings > Sync : Edit Locations… press Edit and touch the Sync location.

If a sync store currently is set to always download, what happens if I change it to on demand? Will all included folders be changed to on demand, and then it’s up to me to change to “always” for the selected few folders I always want up to date?

And what about all the content already downloaded, when I switch to on demand will it be left on my device? (Found the answers to that question when continuing to read the new posts on the forum: Un-download a document


That’s logically contrary, and therefore disallowed. If a Sync location is set to always, meaning Sync contents and metadata for every database imported / Synced with this Sync location… how you you tell it to Sync one database On Demand? That conflicts with the very nature of always.

Sorry, I used the wrong term: If I change a sync location from always to on demand, what happens?


Nothing, other than databases you import from that location subsequently will Sync only the metadata. It does not retroactively purge already downloaded databases.

Just had this same question. New user and I’ve been increasingly impressed with forms!


Glad to hear it. Cheers!