On demand not selectable


See this screenshot: https://share.getcloudapp.com/xQuY9Wz2.
On Demand is “available” for several of my databases, but I’m unable to select it?

Not sure why that is? Because one of my four databases does allow me to do it.
My databases reside on CloudMe.

Any ideas?


Did you purchase the Pro package? Only this edition supports on demand downloading.

Yes. I bought the Pro package.

Which setting does the sync location use?

And as mentioned above, one of my four sync’ed databases does allow me to specify On Demand.

What happens when you try to change the setting to On Demand for that database? It doesn’t look disabled in the screenshot.

Do you have more than one sync location active for this database, for example CloudMe and Bonjour?

If you do and both aren’t set to On Demand, you cannot change the option in the database.

I do not have more than one sync location, only CloudMe.

Correct, is it not. But clicking it doesn’t do anything…

Does this persist after quitting and relaunching DEVONthink To Go ?

Yes. Rebooted, force-quited the app, Microsoft inspired little raindance, nothing helped…
Typing in the later reminded of the fact in did not yet do a reinstall.

That fixed it…

Thanks for the follow-up. That’s very interesting.
Do you recall if you had imported this database before making the in-app Pro Pack purchase?

If you run into the issue again, please let us know.

I think I first played around, saw the setting, figured out how to get and then did the purchase.

Okay. Thanks.