On iPad, the underlined numbers?

Hi there,

On DTTG I keep getting underlined numbers on the right hand side of a column view. I think maybe it’s an ‘unread’ tally?
Anyhow is there a way to get rid of them.

A screen capture would be helpful.

Of course:

The blue numbers! What are they…they keep changing but I’ve no idea what it all means :slight_smile:

They are the number of items in the Inbox of each database.

PS: The underline is from iOS’s Settings > General > Accessibility > Button Shapes being enabled.

Is it possible to hide those numbers completely? I never use them and I find them visually rather annoying!

Sorry, but no you can’t hide them.

If you click on one of those buttons, your inner folder is shown with previews of the content.

Yes I just saw that…I had no idea! That is really wonderful actually.