OnDemand Sync (like ToGo)


I’m using DevonThink with multiple Databases and sync them via my own WebDAV Server. This works perfectly. My home office ist mostly paperless - I can access my documents everywhere.

My Databases grew over the years - and now I need to consider to have an archive strategy - but I don’t want that. I wanted DT always to be my big archive with access to everything. My problem are SSDs. My MacBook is limited in space, and I don’t always need all data with me, just the files I’m looking for.

Like the mobile version. I can search everything - and if needed I can download the PDF and use it. Would it be possible to consider such a functionality for the Desktop app?

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Thanks for the suggestion, it’s already on our (very long) to-do list.

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Why not just get a portable external hard drive and carry it with you?

This would be an option. But I tend to travel light. Another hard drive, another cable.

And also this is a requirement which is “nice to have” - as I said, I have my phone with me and here I have the “on demand” option. So I could just forward files to my book… so there’s more than one workaround.

It would be just convenient to have this build in into the Software. And to be honest, you guys and your programming skills are more reliable than me always having an external harddrive with me or keep forgetting it somewhere. :wink: