One file failing to sync from Mac....made a duplicate and it syncs fine

Any advice about this event:

An indexed Apple Numbers spreadsheet was fully sync’d by Bonjour on my two Macs, iPhone and iPad.

I made some edits to it and the edits have fully sync’d to the other Mac and iPad, but not the iPhone.

Although not relevant since syncing is by Bonjour, the original file is on Dropbox and I can see on all four devices that Dropbox has the edited version. (I know iPad and iPhone do not link to Dropbox).

DTTG on iPhone shows it has sync’d since the edits. It has sync’d several times since the edits without them being made to the iPhone.

I restarted iPhone, verify-and-repaired the database on the iPhone, no problems found.

Absolutely nothing would make the iPhone show the edited version.

Then I made a duplicate on the server Mac. No extra edits, just a straight dupe, and it has immediately sync’d correctly to the other three devices including the iPhone.

Any ideas?


  • Is there anything reported in DEVONthink’s Window > Log?
  • Is there a triangle on the sync icon in DEVONthink To Go’s bottom toolbar? If so, touch it. What is reported there?

The problem doesn’t exist anymore, since making the dupe and deleting the original. So I can’t look for anything now.

DEVONthink seemed to have done its job correctly since the problem file was fine on the other Mac and on the iPad, so I didn’t think to look at the DEVONthink log. It seemed like a DTTG issue on the iPhone only so I did look at the DTTG icon for error massages and there wasn’t anything.

This has just happened again, with a different file (Pages this time) and on my iPad this time.

Bonjour sync info showed everything should be up to date and as far as I could tell by looking at other recent files, it was…just not this one stubborn file which was still an older version on just my iPad. No error message on the iPad. I actually made some edits on the iPad, which were not sync’d to the other devices.

Rebooting iPad did not cause it to sync.

I am afraid I forgot to look at DT Log but since the file had correctly sync’d to the other Mac and my iPhone, this feels like a DTTG problem.

Like last time, I simply duplicated it on one of the Macs and the new duplicate sync’d immediately and correctly to the iPad.