"only new pages" seems to be allowing previous results

I have a few very extensive search sets that have the “only new pages” radio box checked. However, when I run these searches and begin looking through the results, there are a few familiar pages that keep showing up over and over again. My thought had been that once the search had delivered a specific page as a “result” that that page wouldn’t show up again in future searches. Am I off here?

I do not have the search set programed to archive the results, so maybe that has something to do with it. However, when I look at the advanced tab, under only new pages, it shows that there are/were thousands of previous results.

As much as I love pouring through results, I’d like to only have to go through any one “result” once.



Modified pages are also new pages. Do you have an example (URL plus query) so that I could check this over here? Thanks in advance!

please see you PM for query example as well as a site that repeatedly shows up.