Open a database already created by DT on DTTG

I cannot figure out how I can open my already created database by DT on DTTG.
The database is correctly syncronized both on ICloud (cloudKit) and Dropbox.
The cloud button in the DTTG app is grayed out.


Welcome @mauog
Firstly, You should not be synchronizing the same database to multiple cloud services.

Secondly, we don’t recommend using a remote sync option unless it’s needed. See…

Thirdly, while we do not advocate for any particular service, Dropbox has been a more reliable performer over time than iCloud syncs, e.g., CloudKit.

Lastly, just installing DEVONthink To Go won’t make it magically start syncing your databases. That is a decision YOU must make, not the software. Syncing is always optional and there are many situations where a person could have databases they don’t want to sync.
You need to go into DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Sync: Locations, properly set up the sync location, then tap it, and choose the databases to import.

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Thank @BLUEFROG for you clarification.
Basically I would like to access to the document I store on my Mac in DT on my mobile device too using DTTG.
I thought that the only way to do this is to sync the database to a cloud location too which could be opened also from my mobile.
Usually we can say that I use DTTG in read-only mode.
Maybe just using a database stored on a already shared location (i.e. icloud drive) should be sufficient without any synchronization…

Of course, you need syncing to have DT and DTTG use the same documents. But it needs not be remote. You can equally well use Bonjour. Please read the chapter in the manual on syncing and (at least some of) the many, many posts in this forum on the topic. @BLUEFROG already posted a link to a good summary.

Not possible. Also, often discussed already: DT prevents you from storing a database in the cloud.