open document at the point where i left off?


i am a new user of devonthink pro office - still trying it out, actually. generally, i am very impressed by the application, but since i am new to it, i still need to find my way around.

one thing i have not been able to do is to have devonthink open my documents where i left off reading them last time. so i have this pdf, “take control of getting started with devongthink pro office 2”, and every time i open it, it presents the pdf from the cover page instead of from the page i was reading the last time i had the document open. most unpleasant.

is there any setting in devonthink pro offce so i can force the application to open the document where i last left off?



This has been discussed in the forums (using the search box will help you locate the relevant threads). In a recent post Christian said that remembering the last-read position will be part of some future release. For now, use Preview or Skim to read your document. They remember place.

thanks korm. i was afraid this would be the case. i will revert to using preview then, because there are no keyboard shortcuts in devonthink pro office to open apps other than the finder default ones.