Open Google Doc by clicking document

At the moment it is possible to open a Google Docs file by right clicking the file, select Open With and then select Google Drive. Is it possible to automate this so that a double click on the file will open it in Drive?

I don’t use Google Drive so can’t test but preference General > Interface > Double-click opens documents externally is probably what you’re looking for.

From help:

Double-click opens documents externally: Check this if you’d like documents to open in an external application when double-clicked. DEVONthink uses the application set as the default application for the file type in the operating system, e.g., TextEdit for RTF documents. If unchecked, any document that can be edited in DEVONthink will be opened in its own window.

Perfect. Many thanks - I am a reasonably long term user of DTP but there is still so much that I don’t know!

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Just one more question. Double click opens the file in a new browser window or tab. Is it possible to have the file open in the DTP pane at the right of or below the file list instead of in a separate browser?

Yes I am able to do this. You should be able to sign into your account within DT3. One thing I found is that if you use a USB security key, it won’t work. Just fall back to an older method like the Google Authentication App: