Open in edit mode

Anyone having success with the new Shortcuts “Open Items for editing” option?
Recently upgraded to 16.1 and fiddled about with a subroutine I use that opens files based on a date string in the file name.
Doesn’t seem to be much difference between Open for Viewing or Open for editing.
It must be noted that while a lovely DTTG refinement in the weird Apple Shortcuts universe, this tiny glitch is in no way a drag or problem for me. Switching modes is pretty simple. But I could see if you wanted to do something with the shortcut after Open for Editing (paste text I guess) then this would be a hindrance.

Are you seeing this issue on an iPhone or iPad?

Oh yeah, sorry. iPhone. The iPad hasn’t been updated yet.

I think it’s an orientation issue. Try running the shortcut with the iPhone held in landscape mode.

That’s it!
I never edit on my phone in landscape mode, I’m bad enough as an iPhone typist as it is.
The bigger the phones get the more useless the landscape keyboard it to me.
Good to know there’s a workaround but it’s just as easy to toggle the modes in the full screen portrait mode where I am comfortable-ish.

Thanks for the confirmation and the assist.
I have filed an issue on this.

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