Open PDF with Preview instead of viewer?

In prior versions of DT, when I would scan a doc to pdf and open it, there was a sidebar on the left that would allow me to modify the page order or delete a blank page that should not have been included in the scan. I assume this is because it was opening with Preview. I know that I can do “open with” but that is kludgy - I don’t ever want to open a pdf with a viewer that has no functionality. Is there any way to make pdfs open with Preview every time when I double click instead of having to do it from the menu? I would welcome even a complicated solution if the end result would be double click = open with editing ability.

Preferences > General > Double-click opens documents externally

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That is incorrect. The thumbnails view had nothing to do with Preview.

You can delete or insert pages via Tools > PDF Document. If you want to reorganize pages, open the Tools > Inspector > Content > Thumbnails inspector (noting you can also delete and insert pages in this inspector as well).

This is covered in the Help > Documentation > Inspectors > Content and Documents > PDF sections.

Thanks! When I use the thumbnails inspector in DT, it is telling me there are no thumbnails. However, if I open the same pdf in preview I do see thumbnails. These are documents scanned to DT3 with a ScanSnap and I am not seeing any preferences of how they come in either in ScanSnap or in DT. I did look at the section on thumbnails and table of contents in the DT manual but I’m not seeing anything about what would cause the document to have or not have thumbnails. I have not changed any settings that I’m aware of from DT 2 to DT 3 although I think the DT setup in ScanSnap is automated. Any ideas on what is going on?

Do you have a support ticket open in this?

No but I will open one if that is what you advise.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket and please attach the PDF so I can inspect it. Thanks!