Open uncommon file types in the correct app

Because I use DTTG as my main database, I often store ‘uncommon’ files types in it, such as Omnioutliner, MindNode, etc. It would be wonderful if DTTG could somehow recognize these and just offer to open them in the correct app. (The same could even be said for Microsoft Word documents.)

While I could open Files and open the file that way, it’s often not that easy to work with DTTG and the Files app. For example, I can save bookmarks to specific folders in DTTG and jump to them quickly, but can’t do the same with the Files app. Moreover, I’m usually already in DTTG when I want to open a file, and having to move to Files and navigate to the correct folder/file is less than ideal.

  1. You can share documents from within DEVONthink To Go to other apps but we’re just working on making this more seamless. In general, the whole architecture to open files in other apps is not overly well developed on iOS, we’re afraid, where sandboxing and silo apps are the new standard.
  2. Bookmarks to folders: Could you elaborate more? Folders where and how to you create the bookmarks?

Totally understand, just wanted to see if it was available at all.

Sure, I currently have a very simple Shortcut that asks which folder I want to open in DTTG, and then uses the item link to take me directly there. I use this to quickly navigate to all my most common projects. As Federico Viticci has explained, the same thing can be done with Files, but it only works for certain apps and DTTG is not one of them (for a variety of reasons, as I understand it). This just means that it’s usually not all that easy to quickly get to the folder or file you want using Files. (I’ve also found that if I ‘favorite’ DTTG folders in Files, they tend to disappear from the favorites list…)

I’ve also found that if I ‘favorite’ DTTG folders in Files, they tend to disappear from the favorites list…

This may be a issue but I confirmed the behavior and filed an issue on it.

Hmm, I guess I’d need step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this, best with a screenshot. Could you PM me with a bit more details, please?