Open with Scrivener of RTF file created through DT?

Hi guys,

I’m wondering if it’s possible to have Scrivener listed as one of the apps under ‘open with’ for rtf files?

I’ve been searching for full screen writing apps that offer the flexibility that Scrivener offers but I haven’t found anything similar.

Thanks for the consideration guys.

Thank you for the suggestion! However, Scrivener has to provide the possibility to open/edit external files, then DEVONthink should automatically recognize this and add Scrivener to the Open With menu.

Ok sounds good. Thanks for the heads up.

Technically, Scrivener doesn’t open RTF files, it opens Scrivener projects (.scriv files). To access an RTF file from Scrivener, you first need to import it into a particular project.

The Scrivener text engine is based on TextEdit, so that would probably be the closest alternative if you just want to edit a single file.