Open X-App Document in X-App from Link in .rtf File


In an .rtf document within DevonThink 3.8.3, I have links to other documents in the same DevonThink database. Some of those linked documents are documents to be opened in applications other than DevonThink (X-App, like: Numbers, or InDesign, or so). Browsing the database, the context menu (right-click) provides the option to “open with”, and lets me choose Numbers. A right-click on the link in the -rtf file doesn’t seem to provide such option.

Now, for me, setting up text files with links to in-database files is one of the most important features of DevonThink (because it allows for commented overviews over lots of documents). But as soon as non-DevonThink documents come into play, this feature is rendered virtually useless if I can’t open the linked documents in their native app (like Numbers).

Would there be any way to obtain this option, a script maybe, or at least a workaround?

Thanks so much!

This script opens selected links in the default app.

Hello Pete, thanks! Could you briefly point me to a page that explains how to use the script text? I suppose I have to save it with some name (chosen freely?) and ending (.scpt?), and save it (perhaps in one of the DevonThink Pro / Scripts folder? If so, which one?), or maybe go about it a totally different way … ? Thanks again!

  • Copy script
  • Open Script
    e.g. via Spotlight
  • Paste script
  • Save with extension scpt to desktop
  • In DEVONthink use the script menu to reveal the script folder
  • Move script into DEVONthink‘s script folder

Thanks once more for those to the point step by step instructions. One final question: How do I use the script once it it installed? (I read the how-tos in Devon help, but that aspect may be too basic to be covered.) The context menu shows no Open With entry anywhere, and highlighting the link and then calling the script via Scripts menu doesn’t do anything either.

There should be a script icon between “Windows” and “Help” in the menu bar.

There is, and I figured out how to use it. For anyone who may need it: Right-Click the link highlighting it thus, then instead of using the context menu, choose the script from the Scripts menu, the wait about 20 seconds or so (it was this delay that got me off track first).