OpenAI and DTP: step-by-step tutorial

Hi, I have an openAI api license code and I have seen here in the forum, that some of you have started experimenting with openAI and DTP. But I have no idea how you have done it. with applescript? Unfortunately I have no experience with applescript. is anyone willing to share some examples, how he / she has done this step by step? Woudl the following be possible?

  • e.g. to summarize a text that is in devonthink or even multiple documents directly within DTP?
  • e.g. to answer questions that are based on multiple documents that are in a specific folder in DTP?
    can this be done within DTP using the openAI ? If yes with applescript? if yes, how?
    I am aware that this should not be done with confidential documents as privacy questions are still no solved with openAI and the company behind it potentially.

ChatGPT offers an API, and the Net knows that you can use it with Python. And their own website (!) know that you can use it with JavaScript via node.js:

I doubt that they (or anybody) will ever bother to write an AppleScript interface. So no need to accumulate any experience with that, you can use Python or JavaScript already. How you do that is described on their website, so I suggest you head over to it and read their stuff.


Dear Christian, thanks for your answer. I have no experience with Phyton or javascript, but I have understood that some DTP users are already using the openAI api with DTP. Maybe anyone of them is willing to share what and how they have been able to use it with DTP? Would be highly appreciated.

maybe @rkaplan may jump in here… as far as I have understood, he is already successfully experimenting with the openAI API and DTP…

I am using OpenAI but I have not done so yet in an automated way.

I agree with @BLUEFROG that it would be possible for users to automate this in DT3 using scripts and/or smart rules if DevonTech chooses not to add this as an intrinsic feature of DT3.

Also BTW - I am doing my most serious AI work in - which conveniently works with DT3 since I can bookmark my Coda documents and thus link them to DT3.

It would be nice to add this sort of capability at some point directly to DT3 - but Coda’s capability to integrate with OpenAI at present is quite helpful at least to me.

No worries. You can let ChatGPT help to write code for you :sunglasses:

BTW, I have posted two links in the community. It might be helpful.