Opening a bookmark in Safari?

In DTTG 3.2.4 (17157), if I have a bookmark, is there a direct way to open the bookmark in Safari rather than in DTTG’s built-in browser view?

Right now, if I tap and hold the bookmark to get the contextual menu (or whatever it is called in iOS), there is no option to open it in an external browser:

If I use Share (off-screen in the screenshot above), the list of options I get does not include Safari, so that’s not an option either.

If I tap the bookmark and let DTTG open it, in the resulting screen within DTTG, there’s still no option to open it outside of DTTG. The Share menu (in the lower right-hand corner) in that context still does not include Safari, and the pop-up menu you get by tapping the “circled three dots” (in the lower left-hand corner) also doesn’t offer a way.

The only ways I’ve found so far are (1) use the Info menu option or the circled “i” in the bottom middle and from there, tap the compass icon next to the URL; or (2) copy the URL using one of the contextual menu options, open Safari, and paste the URL. Aside from being a roundabout multistep method that requires waiting for the destination page to load in DTTG, the problem with approach (1) is that if the link is to a Google doc, on iOS it ends up wanting to open Google Docs instead of a browser.

I guess I could create a shortcut to do this, but it seems like this is a really basic thing: I have a bookmark with a URL, and want to send it to Safari. On the desktop application, there’s a menu option for that.

If there is no equivalent on DTTG, I’d like to request one be added to the contextual menus.

If you’re in split screen you can drag and drop a URL form DEVONthink To Go into Safari. Otherwise, no there is no other option than the ones you mentioned for opening the URL in a browser.

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