Opening a database in read-only mode, always?

I have some data that is quite static.
And even more, I would only change things on the Mac, in DEVONthink, but never ever on an iDevice.
(For example for indexed content that depends on a folder on Mac)

So, is there an option to open a database in DTTG in read-only mode?
And always automatically open it in read-only mode?

If not, that would be a GREAT thing to add :slight_smile:

P.S. I searched the PDF for “read-only” but could not find anything.
The same feature would also be nice for DEVONthink, but less important to me.

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This isn’t possible currently but might be in future releases.



This may be a useful feature for a database that got indexed on a Mac, so that it is closely related to a folder on that Mac.

Changes done with DTTG would not be mirrored back to that folder, contrary to what normally happens on the Mac.

So, changes with DTTG could lead to problems, even corruption.

A way to prevent that would be great :hugs:
Just giving some thoughts…

I would use this for my “Archive” databases, looks like a good idea


Is this feature something that’s under investigation?
I think it would also be very useful to speed up (analyses before) synchronization (on DTTG).


A read-only mode would be great for sharing with, for instance, a partner who doesn’t use the computer very much…good use of the second seat on the DTP license for individual users and possibly useful to server owners as well (though maybe DTP server allows setting a database to read only).

No, there is no specific plans for this at this time.

I think it would also be very useful to speed up (analyses before) synchronization (on DTTG).

In what way?

In the the way that read-only DBs could be skipped for further analysis and syncing when the flag is available on the sync location.

Another implementation (maybe even better implementation) would be to check for a local flag. If it’s set to read-only the database should be treated that way, until a user chooses to remove the flag. In that case the databases should first (re)sync ‘online to local’ and after that become writable again. Now it’s possible to leave DTTG databases open for reference, but without frequent updates.