Opening an Indexed Google Drive File in Google Drive (on the web)

I indexed a Google Drive folder in one of my databases.

As you know, the Google Drive files (e.g., Google Doc, Google Spreadsheet, Google Slides) are really just linked to the web version of the file. When I try to open those Google files from DTP, DTP thinks it is a Box file format. How can I get this to take me to the web to open it in Drive?

Iā€™m not sure about an indexed google drive folder, but I know adding the individual file(s) as a bookmark into my database takes me to the live view and allows me to manipulate it as necessary. Not sure if this is helpful at all.

How do you add something as a bookmark? What is different about a bookmark compared to indexing?

Hi All

I have the same question that was not responded to in this thread.

very new to this

Cheers, Walter

Welcome @Waltzzz
You can add a bookmark via our browser extension. You can also copy a URL and choose Data > New > Bookmark. Or drag and drop a URL from a browser into DEVONthink.

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