Opening and syncing very slow

On my iPad2, DTTG takes over a minute to start and open the database. Then it takes another 20 seconds to navigate to the top level of that database. After that, it runs smoothly. It’s only one database which contains around 2000 items.

Synching takes over a minute, even if there is nothing to sync (it seems that there is a long delay at the end of the sync process which adds to the total time in addition to the transfer time).

Manually quitting all other apps or restarting the iPad makes no big difference. I didn’t measure the time on my old 3GS but it’s worse there. [EDIT: Actually, it takes just a few seconds longer to open DTTG and then the database on the 3GS]

Is this to be expected? Can I do anything to improve this? Can you?

With the current code this is due to comparing the items present on the device and on the Mac and computing the differences. With the new-world sync that we’re preparing this should go a lot faster and smoother.

Good to know, I’m looking forward to that. Will this new-world sync improve the time to start DTTG, too? (It takes 1.5 minutes even without any network connection from first tap of app icon to top level of database, as written before)