Opening DB on new computer

I’ve just bought a new MBPr 13", and am using OS X 10.10.2 with DTPO 2.8.4.

I copied my databases from my Documents folder on my old laptop, and transferred them to the new machine. Having downloaded and installed DTPO, I opened the programme and attempted to open one of my databases. I received the following message: ‘This database might be in use on another computer. Opening it anyway might result in data loss or data corruption.’ I assumed that I would be ok to proceed, as I would not be using the databases on the old machine (which I haven’t yet wiped but plan to do in the next couple of days).

The database that I opened on my new machine is missing folders and data. Any advice on how I have managed to mess this up would be appreciated.

I should note that I do not store my databases in Dropbox or any other cloud storage medium, and I have never used sync.


Had you indexed any folders into the database?

I expect the database in use warning is unrelated to the missing data. However, you can avoid this warning by closing the database(s) on the old machine before copying them to a new device. Assuming you did not have indexed folders in the database, you might want to try this and re-copy the database to the new machine.

Thanks Greg. I had no indexed folders in this particular database, and all of my databases were closed and DTPO was not open on the old machine when the transfer took place. I’ll try re-copying and re-transferring the database when I get home to see if that resolves the issue.

Hmm. It appears that the data is not actually missing. All of the items contained in that folder (all of which were emails) were actually at the root level of the DB. I didn’t originally notice this as my default view is three pane. The parent folder is what was missing, which baffles me as I don’t know what could have caused this. Each item within the folder had been imported using the ‘Add to Devonthink Pro Office’ command in Apple Mail.