Opening document with same name CHANGES the OCR in the first one!?

  • I have a PDF in DT with bad character recognition.
  • I drag another copy of that PDF into DT and check it in 2 ways: searching for the common word “he” and making an annotation (highlighting) to see what it looks like in inspector. Both show text, not gibberish.
  • I also check inspector to make sure one PDF is not listed as a duplicate of the other.
  • I open either one of the PDFs in its own window.
  • I highlight the new PDF so it matches the old one.
  • I close the document window – which does not ask me to save – or I hit Command-S then close the PDF.
  • Both PDFs now have gibberish in the annotations. You may have to open a different document, then come back to the PDF to see the change.
  • The new PDF that wasn’t a duplicate, is now a duplicate.
  • Before garbling, if you catch it, you can watch DT change the annotation to one word per line before garbling it.
  • It turns out the PDF doesn’t necessarily need to be opened in a separate window for the same problem to occur.
  • Also, the original PDF that I imported also had its OCR garbled by DT. It works outside DT.
  • Summarize Highlights also shows garbled text.
  • If I then export the file, the OCR is again working, so it may just be the display of OCR text in DT.

This happens every time, with multiple documents. Very odd! Tips?

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Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. Please attach the PDF with bad OCR. Thanks.